Creating a Custom Module on UgandaEMR

This section describes the process and rationale for creating a custom module on top of UgandaEMR. This is a recommended approach when customizations cannot be handled within the MoH guidelines to which UgandaEMR adheres.


See section for Setting up a development environment

Module Setup

The steps for creating a custom module that extends UgandaEMR are below:

  1. Use the OpenMRS SDK to create a Reference Application module mvn openmrs-sdk:create-project -Dtype=referenceapplication-module
  2. Create a new blank text file, and add it to api/src/main/resources folder
  3. Add the following content to the file name=UgandaEMR My Customization version=${project.parent.version} distro.aijar-api=${ugandaemrVersion} distro.aijar-api.groupId=org.openmrs.module omod.ugandaemr-iss=${project.parent.version}
  4. The versions are loaded from the dependencies in the api/pom.xml file for the module, an example is
  5. Add the following build information to the omod/pom.xml which will help build the custom war file ```

    ${project.parent.artifactId}-${project.parent.version} org.openmrs.maven.plugins maven-openmrs-plugin org.apache.maven.plugins maven-dependency-plugin org.openmrs.maven.plugins openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin 3.13.1 build-distro install build-distro ${}/docker true ${}/classes/ n

``` 6.

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