Upgrading with a WAR file

UgandaEMR 1.x

This will be done when there are multiple modules that need to be upgraded as a complete package, therefore a new WAR file is to be installed

  1. Backup UgandaEMR
  2. Stop Tomcat
  3. Clean up the existing installation by:
    • Delete the following from the C:\Program Files\UgandaEMR\UgandaEMRTomcat\webapps folder:
      • openmrs.war
      • openmrs folder
    • Delete all the modules in the directory C:\Application Data\OpenMRS\modules which is where any modules uploaded from the administration interface are stored. The modules in this directory override those added to the WAR file
    • Delete the C:\Application Data\OpenMRS\lucene folder as these indexes have to be rebuilt
  4. Copy the new WAR file to C:\Program Files\UgandaEMR\UgandaEMRTomcat\webapps
  5. If needed run any upgrade SQL scripts
  6. Start Tomcat
  7. Go to the UgandaEMR login link at http://localhost:8081/openmrs/

UgandaEMR 2.x

  1. Goto Start Menu Select All Programs (Windows 7) or All apps (Windows 10).
  2. Select UgandaEMR then select Upgrade UgandaEMR War File.
  3. This will popup a window. in it select install.
  4. Browse to the location of the war file. then upgrade and click open.
  5. When upgrade is complete it will give you a message to proceed to browser.

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